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Millennials: Purchase Your xmas t shirt T-Shirts Someplace Else

City Outfitters has a style downside, not to mention a major public relations subject. Perhaps it’s time for our era to purchase our overpriced T-shirts somewhere else.

Fashion Cotton Printed On Viking Warrior Children's T-shirtThe retail company came below fireplace again on Monday for selling what appeared to be a faux blood-stained Kent State sweatshirt. Many individuals on social media found that the sweatshirt trivialized the 1970 Kent State campus shooting, during which the Ohio Nationwide Guard killed 4 students and injured 9 others throughout a protest against the Vietnam Warfare.

Despite the company “sincerely” apologizing, recent criticism and outrage over Urban Outfitters doesn’t come as a shock.

City Outfitters explores the outer reaches of unhealthy taste. http://t.co/gxQnWAvCuS pic.twitter.com/GX7l8NT251

— southpaw (@nycsouthpaw) September 15, 2014

City Outfitters: Overpriced Cultural Insensitivity Since 1970 pic.twitter.com/mnRtNQfneZ

— Ally Maynard (@missmayn) September 15, 2014

When is it going to be enough?

The company’s controversial T-shirts continually offend, present a scarcity sensitivity and foster shut-mindedness.

Earlier this yr City Outfitters featured a “Depression T-shirt” on its site, whereas in 2010, the notorious “Eat Much less” shirt sparked large controversy after suggesting younger ladies should — you can guess — eat less.

Again in 2012, the company publicized a $100 “Jewish Star” shirt, which many individuals argued recreated tragedy from the Holocaust. Not to say the significantly offensive “Obama/Black” t-shirt shade possibility in 2010.

xmas t shirt

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